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Discover Rollney’s Irresistible Kurtos & Coffee Brunch Bundle From RM7.90 Promotion 2024


Turn your every morning into a feast by treating yourself to the perfect brunch deal from Rollney, where scrumptious bites meet ultimate delight at unbeatable prices.

Introducing the Kurtos & Coffee Brunch Bundle, an irresistible deal starting from just RM7.90 that you can’t afford to miss! Available from opening until 3 PM, this fabulous combo brings together your favorite menu items in one amazing package – light and crispy Kurtos pastries paired with freshly brewed coffee of your choice.

The bundle is perfect for those who love a balanced blend of savoury and sweet in their meals. It is also ideal for getting that much-needed caffeine kickstart to power through your day. The delightful Kurtos is a pleasure to bite into, while our handcrafted coffee provides that rich aroma and flavor designed to boost mood and energy levels.

Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity offered exclusively by Rollney. Hurry in today and start making memorable breakfast experiences with us! With the super affordable bundle deal waiting for you every morning till afternoon, your routines will never be the same again.

Make the most out of 2024 at Rollney’s – savor delicious food without breaking the bank! Your taste buds will thank you later.