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Burger King : Dive Into the Return of Croissan’wich Breakfast!

Attention all food enthusiasts and morning grumps alike! Burger King Malaysia is setting the stage for a decadent breakfast revival that’s guaranteed to transform your AM routine into a crave-worthy experience. Starting 21 February 2024, prepare to say goodbye to mundane mornings and hello to a reinvigorated start with the return of Burger King’s legendary Croissan’wich Breakfast!

Burger King has long been synonymous with innovation and quality in the fast-food realm, continuously captivating our taste buds with mouth-watering offerings. As part of its commitment to exhilarating your senses and elevating your morning mood, Burger King Malaysia proudly announces the grand comeback of its iconic Croissan’wich. This isn’t just any breakfast sandwich; it’s a masterpiece enveloped in flaky croissant layers, promising to deliver an explosion of flavors from the first bite.

The Croissan’wich isn’t your ordinary breakfast item. It bridges the gap between luxurious pastry and hearty morning sustenance, showcasing an ingenious blend of ingredients that cater to both local preferences and universal tastes.

At Burger King, quality is never compromised. Each Croissan’wich is crafted with premium ingredients – from perfectly cooked eggs and cheese to high-quality meats, all snugly tucked within buttery, light croissant buns.

Busy morning schedule? No problem! Burger King Malaysia understands the hustle and ensures that your gourmet breakfast fix is convenient without skimping on deliciousness or satisfaction.


Experience the richness without draining your wallet. The return of the Croissan’wich signifies not just an indulgence but an affordable luxury that everyone can enjoy, aligning perfectly with Burger King’s ethos of premium yet accessible dining experiences.