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Brooks Brothers’ Grand Opening at The Exchange TRX – Elevating Festive Retail with Year of the Dragon Collection

Brooks Brothers

In 2024, as the hustle and bustle of the city prepares to usher in the Chinese New Year, Brooks Brothers is ready to set a festive mood at its new location- The Exchange TRX. This opening marks an auspicious start, complemented by their decorous unveiling of a Zodiac-themed collection honouring the Year of Dragon.

Brooks Brothers have always known how to woo dedicated followers with their carefully crafted items that balance between tradition and modernity. What sets this new year’s collection apart is its rarity – determinedly limited edition! These dragon themed pieces are not only designed to charm but meant to become collectible keepsakes.


As part of their grand opening celebration and alongside this much-anticipated unveiling, Brooks Brothers are offering exclusive promotions that will make your shopping experience even more rewarding. Shoppers spending above RM1,500 will receive a trendy free tote bag, whilst those exceeding RM2,800 purchases will secure themselves a deluxe travel gift set.Jump on these once-in-a-lifetime opportunities now!


These enticing offers run from Jan 11th until January 31st, giving you ample time to grab your favourite items or lux-worthy gifts at Brooks Brother’s ground floor outlet at The Exchange TRX shopping Mall.


Celebrate traditions refashioned with Brooks Brother’s exciting offers; where else would you want to be? Consider it an invitation for an elevated shopping experience this festive season!