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Breakfast On-The-Go Made Easy with Maru Kafe’s All Day Breakfast Promotion 2024

Are you always on the run in the morning but still crave a hearty breakfast? Look no further! Maru Kafe has got you covered with our All Day Breakfast promotion featuring the delectable Maru Rasa Lokal Series paired with a steaming cup of Maru Coffee for just RM6.99. This offer is available exclusively at your nearest Maru Kafe. So, grab yours now and start your day right!

Maru Kafe All Day Breakfast

Discover the Maru Rasa Lokal Series

Our Maru Rasa Lokal Series brings the flavors of Malaysia right to your breakfast table. Here’s what you can look forward to:

Nasi Lemak

A traditional favorite, our Nasi Lemak features fragrant coconut rice, spicy sambal, crunchy anchovies, boiled egg, and fresh cucumber. It’s a classic dish that never fails to satisfy.

Nasi Lemak Ayam Goreng

Take your Nasi Lemak experience to the next level with the addition of crispy, flavorful fried chicken. This hearty option is perfect for those who need a protein boost to power through the day.

Nasi Lemak Sambal Sotong

For seafood lovers, our Nasi Lemak Sambal Sotong offers a delicious twist. Tender squid cooked in spicy sambal makes for a mouth-watering combination that you won’t want to miss.

Mee Goreng

If you prefer noodles, our Mee Goreng is a must-try. Stir-fried to perfection with a blend of spices, vegetables, and a hint of sweetness, it’s a savory delight that will keep you coming back for more.

Pair It with Maru Coffee

No breakfast is complete without a good cup of coffee. At Maru Kafe, we offer a selection of freshly brewed coffee to complement your meal:


A classic choice for coffee purists, our Americano is smooth, bold, and perfect for kickstarting your morning.


If you enjoy a creamier coffee experience, our Latte combines rich espresso with steamed milk for a balanced and comforting drink.


For those who love a frothy top, our Cappuccino offers a delightful mix of espresso, steamed milk, and milk foam, delivering a rich and satisfying flavor.

Why Choose Maru Kafe?

  • Convenience: With locations across Malaysia, finding a Maru Kafe near you is easy. Our All Day Breakfast promotion ensures you can enjoy your favorite meal any time of the day.
  • Affordability: At just RM6.99, you get a complete breakfast and coffee combo that’s easy on your wallet.
  • Quality: We use the freshest ingredients and expertly brew our coffee to ensure every meal and cup is top-notch.

Don’t Miss Out!

This exclusive offer is available for a limited time only, so make sure to visit your nearest Maru Kafe and grab your All Day Breakfast today. Whether you’re a fan of traditional Malaysian flavors or a coffee enthusiast, our promotion is designed to satisfy your morning cravings.

Start your day right with Maru Kafe’s All Day Breakfast – your perfect breakfast on-the-go solution!