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Baskin Robbins: Go Bananas with 31% OFF Banana Sundaes Promo – April 2024

Are you ready to elevate your dessert game? Say goodbye to ordinary ice cream treats and dive into the world of delightful banana sundaes at Baskin Robbins! On the 17th of April 2024, we’re offering an irresistible 31% discount on selected banana sundaes for all Club 31 members. Whether you’re a fan of classic flavors or love exploring new combinations, this promo is sure to add a burst of flavor to your day.

Picture this – luscious scoops of ice cream layered with fresh bananas, drizzled with rich sauces, and topped with crunchy nuts. That’s what awaits you with our special banana sundaes promotion. From the iconic Banana Split to the luscious Berry Banana Waffle Sundae and the regal Banana Royale, there’s a variety of options to choose from. It’s a celebration of all things bananas, and you’re invited!


To avail yourself of this delectable deal, simply download the Baskin Robbins app and become a Club 31 member. Once you’re part of this exclusive club, head over to your nearest outlet in Malaysia on the specified date and redeem your coupon for a delightful discount on these banana delights. The process is simple, but the rewards are oh-so-sweet.


Enjoying our promotions is easy thanks to our user-friendly app platform where you can stay updated on all our exciting offers, new flavors, and more. As an added bonus for downloading the app now, you get immediate access to this fantastic deal available only for Club 31 members.


Don’t forget to mark your calendars for April 17th because that’s when you can treat yourself to these heavenly banana sundaes at an amazing price. But remember, this promotion is exclusively for Club 31 members in Malaysia via in-store coupon redemption only.


Please take note that while we always aim to bring joy through our delicious treats, promotions are subject to change without prior notice as we strive to offer fresh surprises and delights regularly. Pictures shown are for illustrative purposes only; rest assured that each serving will be even more scrumptious in person!


So why wait? Start counting down the days until April 17th so you can rush over to your nearest Baskin Robbins outlet and savor every spoonful of our mouthwatering banana sundaes at an incredible discount! Download the B-R App now and get ready for a flavor-packed experience unlike any other.


Get ready to go bananas – in the best way possible!


**Promotion Details:**

– **Discount:** Enjoy a tempting 31% off selected banana sundaes.

– **Date:** Valid only on April 17th, 2024.

– **Eligibility:** Exclusively for Club 31 users in Malaysia.

– **Redemption:** In-store Coupon Redemption at participating outlets.

– **Note:** Promotions are subject to change without prior notice; images are for illustration purposes only.


Hurry up and treat yourself to these bana-tastic delights before time runs out!