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A&W’s Irresistible FREE Fish & Chips Promotion – Get Hooked Now!


Attention all fish enthusiasts in Malaysia, we have an exciting deal that will have you reeling with delight! At A&W, you can now get hooked on their mouthwatering Fish & Chips for absolutely free when you spend RM40 or more. Don’t let this golden opportunity swim away – hurry and reel it in today!

Picture yourself indulging in the crispy, golden-brown goodness of A&W’s signature fish fillets served alongside perfectly seasoned fries. It’s a combination that’ll tantalize your taste buds like nothing else. And with this promotion, you can enjoy it without putting a dent in your wallet.

Whether it’s a quick snack during your daily drive or a satisfying meal with your family and friends, A&W has got you covered. With convenient Drive-thru outlets spread across Malaysia, getting your hands on this irresistible offer has never been easier.

But remember, this promotion is available for a limited time only at all A&W Drive-thru outlets in Malaysia. So don’t miss out on the chance to savor the flavors that have made A&W an iconic American brand for decades – made even better by being absolutely free!

Head on over to any A&W Drive-thru outlet today and make sure to order RM40 worth of deliciousness to secure your complimentary serving of Fish & Chips. Trust us, once you’ve tasted it, you’ll be hooked for life.

So what are you waiting for? Reel in this amazing offer from A&W before it swims away. Dive into freshness, quality flavors, and a value-for-money experience that only A&W can deliver.

Visit any A&W Drive-thru outlet in Malaysia now and satisfy your cravings with FREE Fish & Chips when you spend RM40 or more – because great taste should never be out of reach!