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A&W New Eggstravaganza Burger 2024 : Japanese Curry, Tamagoyaki, and Pickles Fusion


Step into any A&W Normal outlet, R&R or KLIA and allow yourself to be blown away by their newest culinary masterpiece – the Eggstravaganza Burger! Cleverly blending Japanese curry with an intricate sweet rolled omelet known as ‘Tamagoyaki,’ this scrumptious new offering is complemented perfectly by the tang of pickles for that ideal zest.


Without a doubt, A&W’s Eggstravaganza Burger sets itself apart from your regular fast-food fare. This innovative fusion balance fetches sweet, savory, and umami flavors in one bite-size package – a culinary combination designed to cater to sophisticated palates.


This delightful treat embodies A&W’s commitment to reinventing fast food by pushing boundaries and encouraging creativity in the kitchen. The brand continues to impress with its ability to draw inspiration from diverse global cuisines, resulting in unique dishes such as the Eggstravaganza Burger.


Despite not being available at Express or Theme Park outlets currently, patrons across Malaysia can savor this latest culinary innovation starting from 11th January 2024 in Sabah. Regardless of where you are located within Malaysia’s borders, rest assured there’s an outlet ready to serve you this gastronomical delight.


Experience deliciousness like never before with A&W’s latest innovation—the Eggstravaganza Burger. Take your tastebuds on an unforgettable journey today! Don’t miss out on this exquisite blend of tastes—head over to an outlet near you now! It really is a big flavorful bang for your buck. At A&W, they believe in treating their customers to unique and affordable flavor experiences that not only satisfy but also excite! Is your mouth watering yet?