AirAsia Ride Unveils Exciting E-Hailing Promo – Enjoy RM2 OFF X 5 Rides!

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In a bid to make transportation more affordable and convenient, AirAsia Ride has launched an exciting e-hailing promotion. From now until September 24th, commuters can enjoy RM2 off on their first five rides with the promo code BESTINASIAMY.


AirAsia Ride, known for its reliable and affordable services, aims to provide passengers with a seamless travel experience. By expanding into the e-hailing market, AirAsia Ride is set to offer even more options for individuals looking for hassle-free transportation.

Booking your ride couldn’t be easier. Simply visit to book your ride using the promo code BESTINASIAMY. With just a few taps on your smartphone, you can secure your ride at an unbeatable price.



Whether you need a ride to work, have a social event planned, or simply want a hassle-free way of getting around town, AirAsia Ride has got you covered. With its vast network of drivers and efficient app interface, booking your ride will be quick and effortless.


This limited-time promotion is available exclusively from September 18th until September 24th. So don’t miss out on this opportunity to save big on your daily commutes or special outings.


AirAsia Ride continues to innovate in the transportation industry by offering budget-friendly solutions without compromising on quality or reliability. As part of the renowned AirAsia group, they bring years of expertise in delivering outstanding customer service and ensuring passenger satisfaction.


If you haven’t tried AirAsia Ride yet, now is the perfect time! Take advantage of this incredible promotion and experience the convenience of e-hailing with one of Malaysia’s most trusted brands.