Shopee 25 May : RM15 off min spend RM50 Voucher
Valid on 25 May 2024

AirAsia Ride Offers Special Ramadan Rides with Extra RM3 Off Promo Code 

AirAsia is offering special Ramadan rides for RM3 Off from 3 to 6PM with a promo code. This special promotion is exclusively available on AirAsia Ride, their e-hailing service, and allows customers to save up to RM9 when they use the promo code “RAYA3” to book three rides.

This limited-time promotional offer gives customers an affordable way to get around during Ramadan. With their savings, they can allocate more money towards charity and donating food items to those in need during this holy month. The promotion also encourages people to stay safe by avoiding public transportation in order to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19.

AirAsia Ride is committed to providing convenient and cost-effective services that meet customers’ needs while maintaining safety standards.