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AirAsia Free Seats 2023 / Big Sale 2023


AirAsia Big Sale 2023: Grab Your Free Seats with Up to 50% Off for 30kg Luggage!

Are you dreaming of exploring exotic destinations without breaking the bank? Well, your dreams are about to come true with AirAsia’s Big Sale 2023! Get ready to book your free seats and enjoy incredible discounts of up to 50% off for 30kg luggage

With this amazing promotion, you can fly from Kuala Lumpur to a wide range of exciting destinations. Whether you’ve been itching to visit Penang’s vibrant street art scene, indulge in Jakarta’s rich cultural heritage, experience the stunning beaches of Bali, immerse yourself in the bustling streets of Bangkok, or explore the historical wonders of Phnom Penh, AirAsia has got you covered. And that’s not all – you can also jet off to Padang, Phú Quốc, Ho Chi Minh City, and many more captivating cities!

The booking period for this irresistible offer is now open and will run until August 27th, 2023. Plan ahead and secure your tickets early because the travel period starts from February 19th, 2024 until January 19th, 2025. This gives you plenty of time to organize your dream vacation without any rush.

You won’t need to worry about hidden fees either. AirAsia ensures transparency by including airport taxes, MAVCOM fee fuel surcharges, and other applicable fees in their all-inclusive fares.

So how much will these fantastic flights cost? For domestic routes within Malaysia, you can enjoy an all-in one-way fare starting from just RM25. That means you can hop on a plane and discover new corners of your own country without putting a dent in your wallet. For those seeking international adventures across borders, AirAsia presents all-in one-way fares starting from as low as RM74 – an offer that’s hard to resist!

Ready to book your AirAsia free seat tickets and take advantage of these incredible deals? Simply visit and get ready to embark on a journey of a lifetime.

Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to explore the world without breaking the bank. With AirAsia’s Big Sale 2023, you can fulfill your travel dreams while saving big. So what are you waiting for? Start planning your next adventure now!

Book your AirAsia free seat tickets at and let the adventures begin!


(Note: This blog contains promotional information. Please refer to the official AirAsia website for complete terms and conditions, as well as any updates or changes regarding the promotion.)

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AirAsia Free Seats 2023 / Big Sale 2023
AirAsia Free Seats 2023 / Big Sale 2023