ExpiredXing Fu Tang Pavilion Buy 1 Free 1 Beverage Promotion

【開張大吉】买1️⃣送1️⃣ !

天大的好消息🥳 Pavilion 幸福堂9月14日(星期六)正式開業啦! 開業當天會推出买一送一的大优惠!馬上帶上您身邊希望一起分享幸福的朋友及親人到場一起分享這份喜悅!❤️ 备注:当日照常营业 ☺️ [Grand Opening]

Xing Fu Tang Pavilion is having Grand Opening celebration on 14th Sept (Saturday) 🥳 and offering Buy 1️⃣ Free 1️⃣ promotion✨🎉Join us for this momentous occasion!

The promotion is only available on Sept 14, this coming Saturday 🔥So what are you waiting for? Bring along your loved ones to enjoy the Buy 1 Free 1 promotion now and share this lovely moment together🥰

Address: Lot 1.54, Level 1, Pavillion KL.
Operation hour: 10am – 10pm ( Monday – Sunday)


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