Whiskas FREE Cat Food Samples Giveaways

Whiskas Malaysia offers FREE Cat Food Samples (3x85g)  giveaways with redeem online !

By nature, cats are very selective. When it comes to their food, they know exactly what they like best.

To guarantee your cats enjoyment each and every meal, WHISKAS® has developed a recipe which contains delicious SALMON POCKETS®.

The irresistible aroma, salmon taste and the crunchy outside with softer center, SALMON POCKETS® will always have him running for his bowl.

WHISKAS with complete and balanced nutrition plus 7 benefits for a healthy and happy cat:

1) Protein from real ocean fish for healthy and strong muscles.

2) Omega 3, 6 and Zinc for healthy skin and beautiful coat.

3) Taurine for healthy heart.

4) Vitamin A for healthy vision.

5) Rice for easy digestion.

6) Calcium and Phosphorus for strong bones and teeth.

7) A blend of antioxidants (Taurine & Vitamin E) to help strengthen your cat’s overall immune system.

Setiap permohonan akan menerima 3 pek sampel 85g Whiskas Junior 2-12 Bulan atau Whiskas Dewasa 1+ Tahun.

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