Watsons RM50 Voucher StarPoint Redemption Bonanza

Watsons RM50 Voucher StarPoint Redemption Bonanza
Watsons RM50 Voucher StarPoint Redemption Bonanza

Want to know how this Point-Redemption mechanic works? Do read-on the T&C below thoroughly so that you get higher chance to redeem !

1. Eligibility
1.1 All submission must be submitted via the link provided from the campaign. Submission via comments on Facebook or email to CustomerCare shall not be entertained.
1.2 The “Watsons RM50 Voucher StarPoint Redemption Bonanza” campaign is only open to ALLSTAR members that are Malaysian residents over the age of 18 years old or above.
1.3 MBO Cinemas reserves the absolute right to amend the campaign period if deemed necessary without any notice. All entries received after the campaign period shall not be entertained.
1.4 MBO Cinemas shall not be responsible for any failure or delay in the transmission of the entry, which may result in the participants being omitted from the selection process during the campaign period.
1.5 MBO Cinemas judgment is final and no complaint or appeal in all means will be entertained.
1.6 MBO Cinemas reserves the right to disqualify entries, which are incomplete, illegible or disfigured or late entries automatically.
1.7 MBO Cinemas has the absolute discretion to reject or disqualify an entry without giving any reason whatsoever to any participants or any other party.

2. Participation (campaign ends 30 June 2019 23:59 PM)
2.1 Each entry submitted must be completed with the following required details:
STEP 1 : CHECK your StarPoints balance
STEP 2 : FILL IN the “Entry Form” which shall be sent via the campaign link provided & ANSWER all of the compulsory fields.

3. Point-Redemption :
– By submitting the redemption form* doesn't mean your redemption is confirmed.
– Each ALLSTAR member is entitled to redeem more than one (1) item provided that the ALLSTAR member have sufficient StarPoints to the redemption

3.1) Once the Watsons RM50 Voucher StarPoints Redemption Bonanza campaign has ended, MBO StarClub team shall deduct the StarPoints from the eligible ALLSTAR member's account within 5 working days, based on first-come-first-serve basis. Insufficient point-balance will be disqualified automatically. Points redeemed & deducted is not refundable/ reversible.
3.2) A confirmation email will be sent to the eligible member upon successful processing of redemption from the campaign within 30 working days.
3.3) Redemption item cannot be cancelled or varied once request has been placed or confirmed.
3.4) All items listed under the Points Redemption Campaign are subject to availability of the items restrictions, at the time of redemption. The items listed in the MBO StarPoints Redemption campaign are subject to change without any prior notice.
3.5) MBO Cinemas gives no warranty (whether expressed or implied) whatsoever with respect to redemption items acquired or their suitability for any purpose.
3.6) Any images displayed on the website for merchandise are for illustrative purposes only. Characteristics of actual product may vary.
3.7) Successful Redemption Items are non-refundable, non-extendable, non-exchangeable for other movie tickets /cash/points or other product denominations.
3.8) Upon successful redemption, member shall receive a confirmation letter containing item-delivery details.
3.9) MBO Cinemas reserves the right at any time, add to, delete, vary or amend the terms & conditions herein or change or modify any aspect of this redemption fair.

(i) All Redemption merchandise are given and accepted on an ‘as is' basis and entirely at the risk of the relevant Winners.
(ii) Merchandise cannot be exchanged or transferred or redeemed for cash, cash value or other kind.
(iii) All costs, fees and expenses incurred or to be incurred by the Winners in relation to the Redemption and/or to claim, collect and transport the prizes shall be borne by the Winners.
(iv) Winners shall be wholly responsible for the payment of all taxes, registration fees, insurance and miscellaneous charges relating to the prizes.
(v) Winners shall abide by the terms and conditions attached to the merchandise.
(vi) MBO exclude and disclaim all representations, warranties, and endorsements, expressed or implied, written and/or oral including without limitation to warranty of quality, merchantability, suitability and fitness for a particular purpose in respect of the prizes.
(vii) MBO shall not be liable for defective, lost damaged or stolen prizes.
(viii) MBO reserves the right to select the colour of the prizes, and the Winner is not allowed to change the colour or model of the merchandise.
4.1) MBO is not affiliated with participating partners / merchants and makes no representation or warranty with respect to the quality of merchandise or its suitability for any purpose.
4.2) MBO will not assume any responsibility for the offered merchandise under this Redemption Campaign. MBO accepts no liability and shall not entertain any complaint in connection with such merchandise. The merchandise have not been certified by MBO and under no circumstances shall the inclusion of any merchandise in this Redemption be construed as an endorsement or recommendation of the merchandise by MBO.

4.3) Watsons Voucher
(i) The Watsons voucher entitles the bearer to exchange the equivalent amount of goods of Watsons Brand products only at Malaysia Watson’s stores.
(ii) The Management of Watson’s will not entertain any claim for the loss of the voucher.
(iii) The Watsons voucher must be validated with the official Watson’s stamp before it can be exchanged for goods. However, it will be declared void if found defaced or damaged.
(iv) The Management of Watson’s reserves the right to refuse the use of any voucher in the event of unforeseeable circumstances.
(v) This voucher is strictly not redeemable for cash in whole or in part.
(vi) Expired vouchers will not be accepted and entertained.

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