ExpiredTraveloka Cuti-Cuti Malaysia Flight & Hotel Coupon Code


Traveloka vouchers help you save money! Book your flight and hotel with a Traveloka voucher and save up to RM50 OFF !

Getting a voucher for a certain destination is a good way to get value for money. The best part of this voucher is that it can be used as an accommodation, food or ticket. It’s a great chance to save money and provide some fun and relaxation too.

We should not think of these traveloka voucher as a replacement for holidays abroad or car rentals. Traveloka vouchers give you the chance to take advantage of all their services such as flights & accommodation etc without having to go overseas yourself. They are also very convenient because you don’t have to remember hundreds of different codes. This can help reduce stress in your life especially if you have small children at home and tend to forget your codes all the time.

Get prepared earlier so you can just pack your bags and take off when it’s time. Explore new places in Malaysia and keep in mind to #SupportLokal for your next holiday so together we can help to rebuild the economy.

Make your cuti-cuti Malaysia bookings on Traveloka and use the coupon codes below to enjoy 15% OFF Flights and Hotels! Then, you can claim for an income tax relief up to RM 1,000 by 31 December 2022. Find out more here.

Special coupons for vaccinated travelers

Done with vaccination and now ready to book your jalan-jalan plans?

Book your Domestic Flights by showing your vaccination certificate to enjoy special coupons up to RM55 OFF for your future travels. These coupons can be used later for you to book Flights and Airport Transfers! Find out how to redeem under the Vaccination Perks tab.

Domestic Flight Coupon Code: MYCUTI

up to RM50 OFF!

Domestic Hotel Coupon Code  : TRAVELMSIA10

10% OFF Domestic Hotels!

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Enjoy 35% off promo code on your FoodPanda food orders every day!
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