TeaLive Buy 1 FREE 1 Promotions 2018

Hey Kota Damansara folks, Jom Tealive this weekend while you shop!
B1F1 offer starts 26-28/5 from 5-8pm, only at Tealive Sunway Giza Mall. See you soon!
What are the offerings for TEALIVE?
A. We have a variety of drinks under the categories of Tea, Coco, Coffee, Smoothies, Sea Salt Cheese, Matcha, Fruit Tea, and Sparkling Juice. Our signature products are Signature brown sugar pearl milk tea, Roasted Milk Tea with Handmade Pearls (Sweet Potato), Signature Passion Fruit Green Tea, and Grapefruit Chia Tea Booster.
Is TEALIVE halal certified?
A. All our ingredients are certified halal by Jakim or authorities approved by Jakim.
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