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Starbucks New fruity beverages and a luscious chocolatey Frappuccino blended beverage


Wrap up the last summer days with two new fruity Starbucks beverages and a luscious chocolatey Frappuccino blended beverage. Whether you are looking to relive every moment of your summer or longing for the arrival of a crisp breezy autumn, the dreamy Choco-choco Nutty Frappuccino, the refreshing Mango Matcha Freeze and the vibrant Berry Hibiscus Cold Brew are sure to pull you into a whirlwind of joyous memories.

Starting 13 July, Starbucks will offer the following beverages for a limited time, while supplies last:

NEW! Starbucks® Choco-Choco Nutty Frappuccino 

Indulge in the perfect combination of nutty and sweet with the new Choco-choco Nutty Frappuccino® blended beverage. This decadent beverage is crafted with a unique blend of Starbucks very own Frappuccino® Roast and rich chocolatey hazelnut sauce, topped with mocha whipped cream and a generous heap of almond crunch for a satisfying finish. This beverage is only available as a blended handcrafted beverage.

NEW! Starbucks® Mango Match Freeze 

The new Mango Matcha Freeze offers a tangy, tropical twist on the relaxing refreshment of Teavana™ Matcha. The summer beverage is an icy blend of smooth and creamy matcha, sweetened with mango and passionfruit juice. A scoop of mango jelly with chunks of mango adds a vibrant pop of flavor and color. This beverage is available only as an iced handcrafted beverage.

NEW! Starbucks® Berry Hibiscus Cold Brew 

Celebrate summer with the new Berry Hibiscus Cold Brew – a deliciously fruity twist to our signature Cold Brew. Made with Teavana™ Hibiscus tea, the Berry Hibiscus Cold Brew is flavored with luscious hibiscus flowers and real mixed berries that complement the smooth texture and naturally sweet flavor of Cold Brew. Garnished with an orange slice of citrus, the summer beverage is as delicious as it is beautiful.