SOSCO Covid-19 Claim 2022

PERKESO contributors infected with COVID-19 as a result of or arising from employment activities are eligible for coverage under the Employment Injury Scheme which provides the following benefits:

  • Medical Benefit
  • Temporary Disablement Benefit
  • Permanent Disablement Benefit
  • Constant-attendance Allowance
  • Physical or Vocational Rehabilitation Facilities  
  • Dependents’ Benefit
  • Funeral Benefit
  • Education Benefit

With effect from Friday (April 1), all Covid-19 related benefit claims are being processed as occupational disease claims, says the Social Security Organisation (Socso).

However, contributors eligible to receive Covid-19 benefits have now been limited to certain professions.

“If contributors wish to make Covid-19 benefit claims, it is still up for consideration, (but) limited to occupations that are exposed to biological agents and infections,” Socso said in a statement on Sunday (April 3).

“The application will be processed as an occupational disease and the eligible insured persons will receive benefits under the occupational disaster scheme or disability scheme.

“This covers temporary disability, permanent disability, retirement pension, disability pension and funeral management benefits,” it added.

Socso said previously, Covid-19 benefit claims were processed as an employment injury instead of an occupational disease as it wanted to help affected workers.

PERKESO contributors infected with COVID-19 not due to their employment and have suffered permanent illness and inability to work again including death are protected under the Invalidity Scheme with the following benefits:

  • Invalidity Pension
  • Invalidity Grant
  • Constant-attendance Allowance
  • Physical and Vocational Rehabilitation Facilities
  • Survivors’ Pension
  • Funeral Benefit
  • Education Benefit

How to apply for PERKESO BENEFITS for COVID-19 cases online or physically?

  • The application for PERKESO benefits for COVID-19 cases is the same as accidents while at the workplace which is by completing Form 34. (Notice Details and Benefits Claim)
  • The application can be done manually and handed to the nearest PERKESO office.
  • Employers can also submit their applications through the Benefits Application Portal at by logging in with a username and password similar to the ASSIST Portal.
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