ExpiredOriginal Cake Mid Valley Megamall Buy 1 Free 1 Opening Promotion

《源味本铺Original Cake》第12间分店即将在6月23日于Mid Valley Megamall 正式开业啦!从6月23日至6月30日,有您不可错过的*买一送一开业大酬宾优惠。

购买黄金芝士大蛋糕就送你蓝莓巧克力蛋糕!而买巧克力大蛋糕就送你抹茶红豆蛋糕!有买有送!以后到Mid Valley 逛街时,也能吃到现烤蛋糕了。

📅开业日期:23 June 2018
📍地址:Lot no. F-029, 1st Floor. Mid Valley Megamall.

The 12th outlet of <源味本铺Original Cake> outlet opening will be on 23 June 2018 at Mid Valley Megamall. In conjunction with the outlet opening, from 23 June to 30 June, we’ll have *Buy 1 Free 1 Opening Special Promo!

Purchase Golden Cheese Big Cake to get 1 Chocoberry Cake for Free or Purchase Chocolate Big Cake to get 1 Matcha Bean Cake for Free. Next time when you shopping in Mid Valley, you can also enjoy our freshly baked cakes.

📅Outlet Opening Date: 23 June 2018
🕙Business Hours: 10am-10pm
📍Outlet Address: Lot no. F-029, 1st Floor. Mid Valley Megamall.

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