FREE MILO Flask Juara Redemption Sept 2017

CLAIM ALL 4 MILO® FLASK JUARA MILO !  Submit the packaging of any participating MILO products (refer to FAQ) with an expiry date from 2017 onwards to collect 30 points and redeem a limited edition MILO Flask Juara.

Redemption period for Silve and Bronze flask : 1 July – 15 August 2017.

Redemption period for Green & Gold flask : 16 August – 30 September 2017.

Q1: How do I redeem?
A: Step 1: Purchase any of the participating MILO® products and get the Redemption Form from participating outlets or Nestlé / MILO® website.

Step 2: Collect the points as per stated in the Redemption Form and complete the number of points to be redeemed
(refer to the POP table below).

For example:
Each MILO® pack 2kg (entire outer packaging), participants will receive 10 Points

The following limited edition SEA Games products are also accepted for the Flask Juara MILO® redemption program:
a) MILO® KAW Activ-Go 500gm
b) MILO® UHT 200ml SEA Games 2017
c) MILO® TIN 240ml (Original) SEA Games 2017
Products that are not eligible for the Flask Juara MILO® redemption program are as mentioned below:
a) MILO® UHT 125ml
c) MILO® UHT 1 litre
d) MILO® 3in1 Cereal / Kurang Manis
e) MILO® 1.5kg TIN
Step 4: Attach 1 [one] set of proof of purchase & required points in one envelope and send it via any method that will
ensure delivery to the address provided on the redemption form.

Where can I get the Redemption Forms?
A: 1) All participating supermarkets, hypermarkets, mini markets, petrol marts, and 7-Eleven outlets.

2) MILO® Website:

3) Nestlé Website:

Q3: Why do I need to submit products with the expiry from year 2017 and above?
A: We would like to encourage consumers to purchase current products and at the same time participate in the
redemption programme.

Q4: Can I send / pass the entries to Nestlé Ofce, their dealers or branch ofce?
A: NO. You can only send it to the given address by courier, POS Laju and/or despatch. You may also deliver the
Redemption Form personally but you will not be able to collect the items on the spot.

Q5: Can I send my entries by courier, POS Laju and / or despatch?
A: YES. All entries sent via mail, courier, POS Laju and / or despatch is accepted. However, proof of postage of the entry
shall not constitute proof of receipt by the Organiser.

Q6: Can I submit more than 1 entry?
A: Yes, but each submission of Redemption Form is to redeem a maximum of 2 items only for postal redemption and must be complete with the required details and Points to redeem the item. If you want to redeem more we advise you to put each redemption form into one small envelope and put all these small envelopes in to one bigger envelope and post it.

Q7: Why can I only redeem for a maximum of 2 items in 1 form?
A: You can only redeem for a maximum of 2 items in 1 form because we have designed the box for postage as such
where it can hold a maximum of only 2 items per delivery. This is to ensure that the items are properly packed within
one package so logistically it is easier to post to you as well.

Q8: Eligibility & Age of participation?
A: This program is open to all residents of Malaysia age 18 and above on 01 July 2017. Participants must submit their
Redemption Forms with a Malaysian address to qualify.

Q9: Can I photocopy the Redemption Forms?
A: Yes, but each entry form must be complete with the required details and the Proof of Purchases with sufficient Points for the item redeemed.

Q10: What if I submit extra points?
A: The extra points will not be returned to participants.

Q11: What if I submit less/incomplete points?
A: The redemption will not be entertained and will be disqualified. Participants are required to submit exact points or more to avoid any disappointments.

Q12: What are the items to be redeemed?
A: There are a total of 4 Flask Juara MILO® that are redeemable for this redemption program. (Please refer to the table below for more information on the product):
• Capacity: 400ml
• Keeps drinks hot / cold for up to 8 hours, anti-slip base
• Stainless Steel
• Size: 8.1cm (top diameter) x 6.8cm (bottom diameter) x 21.2cm (height).
Download and fill the Redemption Form here and submit it together with the product packaging that you have collected via Post or at the Redemption Venues listed below.

Q13: If I have extra points in the period of 1 July – 15 August 2017 and want to redeem the Flask A & B
(16 August – 30 September 2017), is it possible?
A: No, it is not possible. These are limited edition items and redemption is based on each redemption period stated. So once the redemption period stated is over, participants will be redeeming items for the next redemption period stated. So, we advise participants to collect sufficient points and submit their redemption forms early for each redemption period to ensure they redeem the items they want to avoid any disappointments.

Q14: I have shifted; can I change my delivery address?
A: Yes, please provide us the details and we will update the database. However, we will not be able to update the database if the premiums have been delivered.

Q15: What if I decided to change my mind after sending in my redemption form, is it possible to do that?
A: No it is not possible. Exchange of items is not allowed. When we receive your redemption form that particular item is reserved for you and it will be arranged for delivery. Once the process have taken place it will be impossible to recall. We would advise participants to collect more points and submit another redemption form for the other item.

Q16: How do we redeem for the month item available via Postal?
A: The Flask Juara MILO® designs are available only during each Redemption Period as per stated in the redemption form and no pre-booking is allowed. Redemption of Flask Juara MILO® will be fulfilled according to the receive date of the Redemption Forms. Participants must fill in up to a maximum of 2 flasks in a Redemption Form to be redeemed and enclose the Proof of Purchase with the required Points.
Redemptions exceeding 2 flasks will automatically be DISQUALIFED.

Redemption Venues :


Download Milo flask redemption form here.

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