McDonald’s Thai Green Curry Burger and New Desserts Menu on June 2020


The Thai Green Curry Burger makes an aroi-matic return to satisfy your cravings for the flavours of Thailand! Now available with a NEW flavourful addition of Chicken Thai Green Curry Burger alongside with the Fish Thai Green Curry Burger you love, each delicious burger is topped with special Thai sauce and colourful mixed vegetables between a warm oblong bun!

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Your favourite desserts are now getting a tropical twist!

Brighten up your day with the refreshing Mango Sundae and Mango McFlurry! Dig into the indulgent Mango Sundae and Mango McFlurry, a refreshing fruity delight in every spoonful that you’ll keep going in for more. Also, not forgetting the signature Oreo bits that add a chocolatey crunch to your McFlurry.

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A local delight with a sweet surprise!

Introducing the NEW Pulut Hitam Santan Pie! Each bite is a flavourful surprise of pulut hitam with creamy santan filled in a crispy pie shell! Sweet, creamy and crispy, there’s so much to love about this new dessert!

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Wake up to soft & fluffy Scrambled Egg Sandwiches!

Start your day with McDonald’s Breakfast delight. Enjoy a range of fluffy scrambled eggs sandwiches; Crispy Chicken & Scrambled Egg Sandwich, Sausage & Scrambled Egg Sandwich or the Scrambled Egg Sandwich. Pair with golden Hashbrowns and upgrade your drink to Iced Latte for greater satisfaction!

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