ExpiredMcDonald’s Happy Meal Toys March 2022 : The DC Super Heroes


March of 2022 saw the release of the much anticipated DC Super Heroes Happy Meal from McDonald’s Malaysia. The meal featured 10 classic DC Super Heroes, each with their own unique action figure. The lineup consisted of: Batman, Robin, Cyborg, Superman, The Joker, Batgirl, Wonder Woman, Supergirl, The Flash and Harley Quinn.

Fans went crazy over the figures, which were some of the most detailed and accurate ever released. The Atom even came with a tiny Ant-Man figure that could be placed on his shoulder! Each figure also came with a collectors’ card that detailed their powers and backstory.

The DC Super Heroes Happy Meal was an instant success and remains one of McDonald’s most popular offerings to this day.

Available for FREE with every Happy Meal from 17 March. Collect all 10 plush heroes via McDelivery or Drive-Thru.



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