Manhattan Fish Market Students and Senior Citizens Promo Meal

The Manhattan Fish Market is calling all students and senior citizens!

Enjoy a sea-lection of burgers , pastas, porridges and rice at RM14.90nett and get a FREE Fizzy or Tea .

Not just that,10 add ons to choose from for only RM3.10nett. Sea you for a fishie good time!

*Available at all outlets except for Cenang Mall,Langkawi. Students need to show their valid student ID. Senior citizen must be above 60 years old.

Fried Chicken Pasta (Choice of Honey Mustard or Chipotle Chicken) Savoury al dente Olio Spaghetti complemented with chunks of fried Chicken coated with choice of Cajun Honey Mustard sauce or Chipotle sauce.

Seafood Porridge Ultimate comfort food cooked into a rich broth with Scallops and Cherry Snapper. Not a seafood lover? Chicken Porridge is available!

Crispy Salmon Belly Pasta Savoury al dente Olio Spagetti complemented with chunks of salmon belly fried to perfection.

Grilled Chicken Burger Tenderly Grilled Chicken sandwiched between a Crunchy Giant Mantao. Served with Chippy Chips and delectable Smokey Dipping Sauce

Smokey BBQ Clarias with Shrimp-ster Rice Irresistible Smokey BBQ Clarias complemented by wholesome Sunny Side Up Egg and served with our signature Shrimp-ster Rice.

Cranberry Coleslaw Burger Cranberry Coleslaw in between a crunchy giant mantao served with a side of Chippy Chips and our Signature Cajun Honey Mustard Sauce.

Chicky Mac ‘N Cheese Delightful Macaroni mixed with indulgent Nacho Cheese and made even more decadent with Parmesan Cheese and Crispy Chicken Tenders.

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