KFC Ayam Pedas Nyonya


The taste of Malaysia has been brought to your finger tips with the KFC Ayam Pedas Nyonya. With its unique sweet and spicy flavors, you can now enjoy the taste of Malaysia anytime, anywhere

When you’re in Malaysia, it is impossible to escape the delicious smells of ayam pedas (Malay for “spicy chicken”). The tantalizing combination of lemongrass, chilli, ginger, and belacan are the hallmarks of this famous Malaysian dish.

Ayam pedas is often served with ketupat nasi (glutinous rice cooked in coconut leaf) or nasi himpit (also known as nasi impit), both of which are traditional dishes in Malaysia. It is also commonly served with plain steamed rice or nasi ulam.

Sekarang kalau rasa nak makan ayam Nyonya, tak perlu pergi jauh-jauh. Dekat KFC pun dah ada. Jom KFC sekarang sebelum terlembat.

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KFC is one of the most popular fast food chains in the world. It has expanded to 114 countries, with its headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky, USA. KFC is an abbreviation for Kentucky Fried Chicken, because it was first served at a restaurant named “Kentucky Fried Chicken” by Colonel Sanders in the United States. Currently, KFC is owned by Yum! Brands, which also owns Pizza Hut and Taco Bell.

The menu consists of chicken products, such as fried chicken pieces, chicken burgers or sandwiches, chicken strips, wraps, salads and so on. KFC’s biggest competitors

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