ExpiredInternational Tourist Attractions Carnival (ITAC) 2017 @ Penang

The 1st International Tourist Attractions Carnival (ITAC) is coming to PENANG soon… We are bringing together all the Top Tourist Attractions not only from Penang but our neighbouring States and Countries from Singapore, Japan and Thailand showcasing the best and latest attractions for your holidays.

ITAC will be fun-filled with lots of activities, events and freebie giveaways for everyone!

Promotion Period : 4 – 5 November 2017

Time :  10 AM to  10 PM

Venue :  Strait Quay Convention Center, Penang, Malaysia

Stay tuned with us and remember to lock in – 4th & 5th November 2017 with ITAC!

A quick lookup on the Highlights Programme for ITAC 2017 !

Mark your date and time for this 2 special days~
Every day full of fun activities and you’ll find yourself indulging in a fun and harmonious environment!

Mark down the time of your favorite mascot and be here before they appear!

Don’t miss your chance to take photo with them ~

Malaysian artist @Pink & Meernash will be performing on ITAC too! 

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