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GMATE COVID-19 AG SALIVA HOME TEST KIT 1S is a a Qualitative screening of Covid-19 antigen in human saliva samples.
For home use among suspected population with the develop of symptoms within 7 days (peak of viral load) or when the individual is in close contact. Diagnosis of stage in positive cases should be confirmed by PCR test.

Is this test approved by the Malaysia Ministry of Health (KKM)?
Yes, this test is registered and approved by the Medical Devices Authority (MDA) which is the medical devices division under the Ministry of Health.

Is this test accurate?
Gmate Saliva Antigen Test Kit is certified by the Institute of Medical Research (IMR) that is has 96% accuracy based on 91% sensitivity and 100% specificity.

When should I use the test kit?
There there is no right time to use the test as you generally do not know when you are exposed to the Covid-19 virus.

As the Covid-19 viral load in your saliva/nasopharyngeal peaks during the 5th day onwards, you could use the test on the 5th day of the infection.

You can also test when you have been in high-risk area, if you have developed symptoms such as cough, flu, fever, difficulty breathing, tastelessness, and any symptoms pertaining to the Covid-19 virus, or if you just want a precaution and peace of mind.

I accidentally spit too much saliva into the saliva collection kit, will it affect the accuracy?
No, it will not affect the accuracy. However, do not spit lesser than the required amount into the saliva collection kit.

What is the recommended way to dispose the used test kits?
It is recommended that you put all the used items into the test kit box and tie up with a plastic bag before disposing it into the rubbish bin.

How likely would the results be false positive?
The chances of the kit showing a false positive is 0%, according to the IMR.

Other than drinking, smoking, eating 30 minutes before test, is there any other medical condition that can affect the test results?
No, there is not.

Can this be used by children?
Yes, it can be used by children of all ages who can perform the spitting procedure required.

Gmate is using saliva instead of deep throat saliva, is there a difference in the accuracy?
According to the American Journal of Infection Control, deep throat saliva samples has a sensitivity of 82% while saliva sample has a sensitivity of 83%. Therefore, both samples should show similar accuracy.

Can the test be done, right after brushing my teeth or usage of oral products?
No, you cannot. It needs to be 30 minutes after brushing the teeth or usage of oral products such as mouth wash.

If I am recently vaccinated, will my results show as positive?
Vaccination does not provide complete immunity against the virus. It reduces the complication risks if infected. However, if you are infected even if you are vaccinated, you will be tested as positive.

I have accidentally exposed the test kit to high heat in my car, will the kit still be accurate?
The kit needs to be stored between 20°C to 30°C. High heat will affect the accuracy of the test. If this happens, please purchase a new kit.

Should I store the test kit in the fridge?
No, just store it in a cool place at home where it is around 20°C to 30°C.

Could other throat infection cause a false positive?
No, a throat infections that is not due to Covid-19 infection will not cause a false positive.

Would the bubbles formed affect the result?
No. However, the bubbles might hinder the tidal flow of the test kit due to insufficient sample. Hence, we recommend that you wait for 5 minutes before dropping the mixed samples.

Does the test kit detect different variants?
Yes, antigen kits detect the nucleocapside protein of the virus, and mutations happen on the spike protein. Hence, it does not affect the kit’s ability to detect accurately.

Gmate Covid Test Kit Price Malaysia
Gmate Covid Test Kit Price Malaysia
RM36.60 RM39.90
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