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Penang Green Citizens!!!

Get your redemption card today and visit our Carnival to redeem your mysterious give away!!!

Penang Green Citizen programme was initiated in 2011, together with Penang Green Partner by the State Government. This programme is to engage all Penang citizens – from individual to business communities – to commit to practicing the following key initiatives that will bring positive changes to the environment and make Penang a Cleaner, Greener, Safer, Healthier & Livable state!

Pledge as Penang Green Citizens now

You can pledge as a Penang Green Citizen here (, when you practice AT LEAST one of the 10 key initiatives listed below:

Save water.
Conserve energy.
Support anti-smoking initiative.
Reduce usage of plastic bags.
Stop open burning.
Stop littering.
Reduce carbon footprint.
Use tiffin carriers or food containers to support the ban of polystyrene containers.
Create a caring society.
Practise 3R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) to extend the lifespan of Pulau Burung Landfill.
Once, done, You will receive the Penang Green Citizen Card for FREE (within five weeks)

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