FREE Mama-Cares Trial Packs 免费便利装

第一阶段: 免费索取妈妈宝便利装!
Simply fill the form below to claim yours! 只需填写下面的表格来索取您的! T&C applied.
STAGE 2.0:Enter the contest to win over thousands $$$ CASH & Prizes!
第二阶段:好康来了!除了免费的妈妈宝便利装以外,参与MAMA-CARES举办的直播视频大比拼!高达RM8,000 的现金和奖品等您来赢取!!
Prize 奖品 :TOP 1 大奖 :RM5,000 (CASH 现金)
TOP 2 二奖 :RM1,000 ( CASH 现金)
TOP 3 三奖 :RM500 ( CASH 现金)

PLUS 10 LUCKY PRIZES:10 MAMA-CARES product worth RM119.90
另加10 位幸运儿:10份价值 RM119.90 的妈妈宝产品

How to take part? Only 3 steps… 参加比赛方式,只需3步骤:
STEP1/步骤1: Participants must record at least 2 minutes or above of facebook live or video. (content must be about product of MAMA-CARES)
参赛者录制至少 2分钟或以上的面子书直播或是视频(内容必须是关于MAMA-CARES产品)。STEP2/步骤2: Participant‘s live or video should be post on your personal facebook home page, and hashtag #iyashino#ILoveMamaCares and tag @mamacaresasia
*don’t forget to public your video.
参赛者需把已完成的直播或视频发布在自己的个人面子书主页,并且hashtag #iyashino #ILoveMamaCares 和 tag@mamacaresasia

STEP3/步骤3: The top 13 most popular contestants‘ live or video, will win the prizes.
前13 位最高人气参赛者的直播或视频,将赢取丰富的奖品。

Competition end date 活动结束日期 : 31 September 2017

Winner Announcement Date 宣布得奖者日期 : 14 October 2017

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