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  • Curious™ (1-2 Years)
  • Explore™ (2-4 Years)
  • Create™

Dutch Lady Curious™ (1-2 Years)

At ages 1-2, children’s curiosity begins to grow. At this stage, they start observing, grasping, playing and pointing. An important requirement for these activities is vision. Brain development is also important during this phase as they start to learn and remember what they see in their surroundings.

Dutch Lady Explore™ (2-4 Years)

At ages 2-4, children become more active and start exploring their surroundings. At this stage, they begin to understand why things are the way they are by tasting and touching them again and again which challenges their natural body resistance. Brain development is important in this phase as they start applying what they have learnt from their surroundings.

Dutch Lady Create™ (4-6 Years)

At ages 4-6, children become more creative and imaginative. They begin to use creativity as a form of problem solving, which requires adaptability and flexibility of thought. Brain development is important in this phase as children learn, memorize and make connections.

Terms and conditions :

  • Each household is only entitled to 2 sachets every 12 months.
  • Your samples will be delivered within 4 weeks after the receipt of sample request.

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