ExpiredFREE A’PIEU Lipstick Giveaway Exchange Program

Sometimes lipstick need a make-over too. Exchange any used lipstick and get 20% off on the purchase of any new A’PIEU lip products. From 1 June – 30 June, all A’pieu Malaysia outlets are entitled to exchange their old lipstick (for any brand) to all A’PIEU lip products! There’s no limitation too!

號外!號外!只需兌换任何使用過的口红並購買A’PIEU口紅就能享有20%折扣。 从6月1日至6月30日,所有A’pieu Malaysia門市都能将用過的口红(任何品牌)换为所有A’PIEU唇部产品!没有限制!

Store locator:
KL Mid Valley Megamall
JB Aeon Tebrau City
JB City Square
JB Paradigm Mall

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