ExpiredFirefly MERDEKA and MALAYSIA DAY Lowest Fares Promotions 2019

Hey guys, we will be celebrating MERDEKA and MALAYSIA DAY pretty soon!

Let us all raise our spirits of patriotism and unity. Most importantly, we would like to say Terima Kasih to all Malaysians out there for everything that they have done for the development of the country and for their contribution towards the society.

Firefly would also like to take this opportunity to express their sincere gratitude to all of you for all the support you have given to Firefly throughout the years. They are truly grateful for everything and for that, they are giving to you the best Flight + Hotel Holiday package! Next month will be the best time to go on a holiday as there will be many long weekends. So, plan wisely and be sure to take this opportunity to have a great holiday with your loved ones.

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Booking Period: NOW – 22 September 2019
Travel Period: NOW – 31 April 2020

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