Domino’s Pizza Up to 55% Off & Buy 1 Free 2 Deals

Domino's Pizza

Happy Hour is here! Enjoy up to 55% off your favorite pizzas and bread sides with Buy 1 Free 2 Deal!

Complete your order with a bottle of Pepsi (50% off) at only RM 3.95. Use Code: ZERO1 (Regular) ZERO2 (Large) ZERO3 (XtraLarge). Limited Time Offer.

As of April 1st 2020, our operating hours will be until 8.00pm ONLY, so order-in your favorites before 7.30pm (last call) for 8.00pm delivery. Plan your tummy-filling happiness ahead with our pizzas and reheat your leftovers or extra for your next meal, remember to order more! 😍👉🏻 With Domino’s #ZeroContactDelivery, we hope all Malaysians #StaySafe, because #ItsAllAboutYou . ❤

*For full store operating hours, refer here .

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