DIAMOND CORAL Water Filter Trade In Program 2017

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In this Parent Day, you can trade in your used water filter to a healthy alkaline water machine for your parents!

DIAMOND offers you the highest used water filter trade-in price in the market from RM1,000, RM1,500 or even higher for you to trade a new Coral Alkaline Water Machine, DIAMOND CORAL. We guarantee to offer you the highest trade-in price in the market. Otherwise, you can make a cancellation within 30 days.

Besides, by the register for DIAMOND CORAL Parents’ Day special offer monthly plan, you can get a free 4 years filter replacements and a new 3-second instant dispenser, DIAMOND CORAL WaterBar (worth RM1,599) .

Please feel free to PM them for more details…

旧水机trade in价

这个双亲节,您可为爸爸妈妈旧水机更换健康的碱性水机,DIAMOND为您提供市场最高的旧水机trade in价,我们以RM1,000, RM1,500 甚至更高回收价向您回收任何品牌旧水机,让您更换全新的珊瑚碱性水机DIAMOND CORAL,旧水机trade in 价,我们保证全市场最高!否则您可以在30天内随时取消!

除此之外,您还可选择登记DIAMOND CORAL双亲节特别优惠月费计划,您除了可获得4年的免费滤芯更换,还可额外获得价值RM1,599,为家人消除危害健康千滚水的3秒即热饮水机WaterBar。

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