Cornery Merdeka Day Sale Aug – Sep 2017


Let’s celebrate our 60th Independence Day with Cornery-the popcorn gallery!!

Grab 2 Large Packs Popcorn for ONLY RM31.80 (N.P. RM47). Hurry, the Merdeka Deals valid till 16th September only! Don’t miss out!
MERDEKA!! MERDEKA!! MERDEKA!! Jom kita semua raikan hari kemerdekaan yang ke 60 bersama Cornery-the popcorn gallery!!

Beli 2 Large packs popcorn dengan harga RM31.80 sahaja!! (N.P. RM47).

Cepat, promosi Merdeka ini sah sehingga 16th September sahaja! Jangan lepaskannya! 

Discover new taste sensations for your popcorn at Cornery – the popcorn gallery. Using only United States grown premium popcorn kernels, Cornery spearheaded the concept of gourmet popcorn in Singapore, packed fresh upon order, in an extensive variety of flavours never before associated with popcorn. Cornery’s Popcorn Artists dedicate their time to develop new, fun and unconventional gourmet popcorn flavors. To date, Cornery has the widest variety in Singapore – over 22 flavors – ranging from original to candied as well as savoury, which includes unique Asian flavours Tom Yum, Curry, Wasabi, Kimchi and Seaweed.

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