Blackwood Coffee & Chocolate FREE Drink Voucher Promo Oct 2017

October Surprise ! FREE – DRINKS VOUCHER

Spend minimum RM50 or above in a single receipt in Blackwood Pearl City Mall and you entitle to get yourself a FREE drink voucher.

Visit our Blackwood Pearl City Mall store for more details. 

Almost everyone craves a trip to cafe every now and then, drinking a good cup of coffee with main course served and some pastry to satisfied a sweet tooth, but too often I felt compelled to abstain. I’d complain to friends that I could rarely find a café that serve equally good coffee and food, not to mention the pastry too. Most agreed and eventually we have a team of passionate people that felt the same way and decide that we will make a difference.

It was at that time that the idea of Blackwood was born. I decided that our cafe would only use the finest freshest ingredients, have the friendliest staff and a space that they will leave behind everything and just enjoy the time over here. After thousands of hours of hard work and heaps of help from friends, family & loyal supporters, we finally made it.

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