ExpiredBig Save Sale – Kitchen + Bathroom!!

Home remodeling is the perfect way to turn our house into dream home & improving the quality of our life, especially during pandemic period where we spend most of our time at home.

šŸŽ š…š‘š„š„ šƒšžš„š¢šÆšžš«š²
šŸŽ šŽ% šˆš§š­šžš«šžš¬š­ šˆš§š¬š­ššš„š„š¦šžš§š­ (Up to 12 month)

Enjoy š’š€š•š„ š®š© š­šØ šŸ“šŸ¬% šØšŸšŸ
on Modern, Quality & Branded
šššš­š”š«šØšØš¦ š’ššš§š¢š­ššš«š² š–ššš«šž & šŠš¢š­šœš”šžš§š°ššš«šž
for a good & reasonable price!!

Limited Unit Only, While Stocks Last.
Promotion end on 31/7/2021



Wholesaler, Corporate Order, Prices bought in Bulk are š—”š—˜š—šš—¢š—§š—œš—”š—•š—Ÿš—˜ā€¼ļø

Terms & Conditions Apply.
*Please note that 0% Interest Installment plan is only applicable at our physical retail store.

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