Baskin Robbins Extra 31% Off 31st Celebration

Baskin Robbins 31st Celebration is BACK once again!⠀
Yes, you heard that right. But your safety is still our top priority, that’s why our awesome 31% OFF deals are now available for PRE-ORDER from 24th until 26th May! ⠀

Just order online, come to our store, grab and go! ⠀
31% discount with no queue! Like the sound of that?⠀
Stay tuned for our e-store opening!⠀

➡️ Pre-order from 24th until 26th May⠀
➡️ Collect product on 28th and 29th May ⠀
➡️ Available in Pint, Quart & Half Gallon⠀
➡️ 1 flavor/size⠀

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