ExpiredBarBQ Plaza 50% off any Refill set Exclusively for SPM Students

Congratulations to all those who received their SPM results!

BarBQ Plaza would like to reward our SPM students who worked hard and did well in their exams!

Drop by any of our outlets *(except Sunway Pyramid) to enjoy * 50% off any Refill set if you aced your SPM!

Don’t forget to bring your result slip as proof!

唷!!!今天可是个好日子呀!!小编知道今天可是全马中五生放榜的日子 !

废话不多说,小编在这祝贺所有中五生能够获得优异的SPM 成绩。

凡是得到8科A 或者以上的SPM 学生,在3月15 号和16号都可到达我们的餐厅 以50%折扣 享用任何Refill 套餐,但必须在本餐厅显示原版的成绩单以及附合指定条规

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