7-Eleven Exclusive and New October 2021 Promotion


YAS, it’s FRIDAYYY! 🙌🏻 Welcome the weekend with these AWESOME exclusive and new items from #7ElevenMY! 🥳 Snap them all up when you run essential errands at your nearest store today! Check out our explosive #RM5Combo too!

*Available nationwide: Wall’s Cornetto Rose/ Teh C Special/ Jack n Jill Creamo Classic Chocolate
*Available in Peninsular Malaysia only: C&C Grape Sparkling Drink/ Samyang Hot Chicken Cheese Flavour/ Corntoz Icy Lemon Tea & Spicy Buldak/ Massimo Burrosa Pound Cake/ CP Fried Rice/ BTS HY Coffee
*Available in selected stores only: Dua Kelinci Krip Krip Banana Crunch: (bit.ly/DuaKelinciKripKripBananaKrunch-PS)/ Savoury Pau Black Pepper Chicken: (bit.ly/7ESavouryPau-PS)/ Spicy Sardine With Lime Sandwich, Wasabi Abalone & Spicy Salmon Mentai Inari Sushi, Flaming Mac & Cheese: (bit.ly/FreshFood-PS)/ Ratatoo Drinks: (bit.ly/Ratatoo-PS)/ Jen’s Thai Green Tea: (bit.ly/JensDrinks-StoresList)/ Boots Skincare: (https://www.7eleven.com.my/boots-malaysia.php)

Get our unique Out of the Ocean and Recycled PET Bottle Reusable Eco-Friendly Bags now! RM1 will be channelled to our NGO partners for every purchase!

Join our Wave & Win contest now! Simply spend a minimum of RM25 via your #MyDebit ATM card at #7ElevenMY to be eligible!

Reload your #touchngoewallet with the Reload PIN provided to get a splendid RM8! Available for first-time users only.

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